Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Classic wooden yachts in Hout Bay

Well the Vertue 26 on the left is a classic, the Dix 43 on the right which is also a wood construction is nearly fifteen years old now so has some way to go before its classic status.

I have no idea how long the carvel planking took to do on the smaller yacht but I know the hull on the right took one man six weeks to assemble. The Vertue 26 is now fifty years old and the Dix 43 will be fifteen years old next January 17th 2015.

Not actually a kit but we could make a plan on a bulkhead kit set.

Classic yachts, what are they?

Well if we cancel out the plastic new ones and all of the more modern multihulls but not the Wharram cats, we are looking on average at a 50% split of what we can call a classic. Any yacht say twenty plus years old will soon be a classic, even one design racing yachts like the local L26 are at thirty years old very much classics, I suppose its a mind thing?


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