Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Ford Bantam 1600 XLi poor service quality.

An update:

Friday 17th of October and Craig the workshop service manager of Mekor Ford in Claremont phones me to discuss the problem, after discussion it was agreed I would take the car to him on the following monday, which I have just done.

We went for a drive and Craig told me the Ford Bantam 1600 XLi motors are all the same and that the fuel control system on my car is normal, so is the noise from the final drive of the transmission he added.

If what Craig tells me is true, its obvious to me that Ford of South Africa have produced a lemon with this design, was this the reason Ford stopped production in 2011?

Rather a lack of it.

This very low kilometer Ford Bantam was sold  by the Tygerberg Honda dealer and with a pre delivery check on 81 items, I know this as it was sold to myself.

The drive home soon had me wondering what was wrong with the car, inspection showed that the passenger side steering arm ball joint was badly worn. At home and grasping the nearside road  wheel, it was easy to move it side to side and be able to feel the loose ball joint,  yes they did 81 checks and missed that, so did the required roadworthy guys which of course I had to pay for.

The picture was taken on the Constantia Wine farm route and Groote Constantia, the Capes Oldest wine farm?

I also found that the fuel injected engine had a control unit problem, the engine revs just go up and down when you change gear, I saw 1800 rpm on idle once.

The Honda dealer is part of the Ford dealership and sent the car to Claremont where the Ford dealer is, the control unit was removed, cleaned and put back, who attended to the ball joint I do not know.

The car was then delivered back to me, the idle speed was no different so this time I took the car back to Ford in Claremont myself, they fitted a new control unit?

The problem is the fault is still there, I thought a modern car engine was plugged into a computer and checked that way?

Last night I decided to sell the car as its horrible to drive, today Mekor Ford service department phoned, spoke to jean  and asked was all well with the work they had done?

Jean told them the truth and then asked would you like to speak to my husband? the caller declined.

Seems to me both Tygerberg Honda and Mekor Ford in Claremont need to re think customer service.

Why bother with Ford service when its so poor?


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