Saturday, 20 September 2014

Who designed the 1967 Hillman Californian Coupe?

This was a question I posted on The ImpClub forum last week, the answer took a few days to appear but then lots of info  came in, plus a super picture of the designer and the man who assisted with the aerodynamic styling.

It turns out that the designer was a very tallented man named Ron Wisdom, seen on the left below, thats Richard Sozanski center and Bob Saward to the right.

Hi Roy

Att is a photo Of Ron Wisdom (L) yours truly and Bob Saward (R) so now you have the stylist of the Coupe, Husky ,  Van and Asp  ( Ron) and the stylist of the saloon Bob .

An amazing photo and reply to my question!

I asked where and when the picture above was taken?

Roy, it was at the NEC cannot remember which show ,( with this year's show I shall be on my 25th NEC show ,)

Ah that was the Going Imp Places stand ,England .Scotland, France and of course Australia.See pics.

My car seen at the Killarney circuit some years ago. The car is now in the process of a full restoration, it seems there are no more than sixty or so left world wide?


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