Thursday 18 September 2014

Steel band packing your plywood kit orders

Some may wonder why we have to include a packing charge when the kit you have bought is shipped by road or sea? in this case we used a sheet of pine 9mm ply top and bottom, the five steel bands then can be made very tight to secure the package, which weighs in at 160 kgs.

The kit set is the DS 15 Sport boat and its some fifteen sheets of plyswoods, to keep the pack safe we use 16mm x 0.5mm steel banding and a special American made crimping tool, thats a new roll of 250 meters of steel banding in the case on the floor.

There will be very little change if anything from R4000 for the tools and banding you see in the pictures?

Made in the USA and we were told the best made.

Jims kit was collected today and will travel by road to his home on the East Coast of South Africa, he will have his kit order in a few days time.

Larger and or export orders can also be packed in a steel banded 16mm chip board crate, the extra expense is worth it.


About twenty five hours after the order was collected, this mail came in.

All arrived safely. Many thanks, Jim

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