Sunday 21 September 2014

Racing Mirror Dinghy kits

We are about to cut an order of ten Mirror dingies, all pre sold as far as I know, they will be cut to meet the  International Mirror wooden boat specification 2013, which is under consideration for some changes due to the fact that in most countries 5mm okoume plywood does not exist, or if it does its made to special order?

Kit set number one, this went together very well and Peter, the boat builder commented on how good the ply panel fit was.

Our plywood panels are a mix of 6mm and 4mm  okoume marine plywood to BS 1088 standards (stamped as such) we are making the timber list required as light as possible by cutting much of the internal wood in obeche, this is a very light timber which is grown in Africa.

Kits and prices are available on request.


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