Friday 26 September 2014

HBYC Marina improvements

They are many and done year round, the fact that we never really see any of them is because many of the additions and changes are under the water.

The access bridge has just had a three day service,the lower swivel joint was given an upgrade thanks to a donation by Peter who just happened to have a large and suitable bearing doing nothing in his workshop.

The marina employs some very talented men who will try their hands at most jobs, when it comes to the underwater work, a team of pro divers are brought in, its similar with structural works like welding and refurbishment of the fingers and main spines.

The new bearing raised the end of the walk way to the extent that a new lower step could be added, this means the walkway should be closer to level  than it used to be?

Thats the bearing in the center,click on the pictures to enlarge them and see more detail.

The guys work as a close knit team.

Roy who is the the man standing is the teams forman.

This upgrade is just in time for the summer cruising yachts season, plus the large anchors that have been added to some of the berths to allow yachts over fifty feet long to be accepted.

Nice to see such work going on!


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