Saturday 30 August 2014

Hillman Imp piston ring sets by Repco

A regular viewer of this blog suggested I start an On Line shop, sounds like a good idea and I will need to get some stock out to show whats a possibility.

We can start with a brand new set of Repco piston rings FXP 1170 _ 030" 68mm suits the Hillman Imp range and are a known top quality.

We have eight sets on the shelf right now and priced at GBP50 a set I think they should soon find new homes. Postage world wide on request.

For RSA residents that price is R900 per set plus Vat x 14%.

Also in stock are a new timing chain, crank bearings, mains and big ends, plus bronze valve guides with special oil control top seals.

How easy was this shop thing!


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