Thursday, 28 August 2014

Hillman Imp gear shaft flexible joint fixed

To mark the one million mark I will give away a trade secret repair thats not in the Rootes service manual for the Hillman Imp.

The use of Shrink Tube has lots of uses and not only on electrical cables.

Check the flexible joint, its a little bent and some support will not go unnoticed, new ones are either hard to find or expensive, both probably?

I used 18mm sized shrink tube, the pin has been removed from the shaft tube so that the flexible joint can be removed, make sure that you fit it the right way around when re fitting it!

I cut three pieces of the 18mm shrink tube and fitted one at a time, this the first one.

Two shrink tubes did the job just fine and I did not fit the third piece.

How easy can this be?


Note, the gear shifter assembly is now in the car and the linkage has been transformed, as the long control shaft was also shimmed up with brass shim stock to remove the free play at the two plastic bushes each end of the shaft.

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