Thursday, 28 August 2014

Canon G1X user manual?

Unlike the G11 I bought about four years back the G1X Canon comes with a CD set with the user instructions instead of a printed manual you can brouse?

The Canon G1X was a used camera purchase, bought from the original buyer and just seven months old only, in the box and like new.

I did of course take some test shots and they looked fine, later I was finding outside pictures looked over exposed, what was the problem?

The ISO setting had been taken to ISO 800 which is really fast, a normal film speed of ISO 100 or 200 is normal ( ISO is the same as ASA by the way)

Trying to read the 245 pages of information off a PC screen was not working for me at all, the printed volume makes far more sense and was worth the printers fee.

How easy can this be? Canon why do you not print the manual now?


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