Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The water level as used for setting up a leveling a boat in build?

This is as simple and low cost as anyone can wish for, plus added to that it is a really accurate.

This is all it is a nice long length of clear plastic tube thats filled with water, note the stopper bungs in the tube wnds at the top.

Click on the pictures to enlarge the image and see more clearly, the Jack Plane is there as a weight to keep the tubes in place.

The pictures should speak for themselves?

The arrow in white and to the left is one of the water marks on a Proteus 106 sailing cat, the tube to the right
shows an arrow and marks the water  level  in that tube.

By adjusting the tube up or down we can get the water level and transfer it even around a corner or in another room, you need two persons to do that!

How easy is this?

Well very easy and if you need to know more get a copy of Sailing magazine (RSA) pages 10 and 12 carry a more detailed instruction on the use of the water level and by Dudley Dix who used our pictures.


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