Thursday, 24 July 2014

Making the Sadler 26 rudder in South Africa

The Sadler 26 needs no introduction as a very capable design, at least two went to the Pacific and at least one went right around the world! This I know as it started and finished  here in Cape Town.

To my surprise not even the class association in the UK had a copy of  the Sadler 26 rudder dimensions, so we had to copy sizes from a locally built Sadler 26, make the templates and then as our CNC man to feed these sizes into his PC.

The blank was shaped as we normally do, then sprayed black for reasons I am sure you will be able to work out.

Shaping started today, more pictures later.

Simple ideas like the black paint can be seen quite clearly in this picture.

Many hand tools add to the use of power tools, finishing with the hand tools is always the best way though.

This rudder is a size which can be shipped with the post office should anyone want one ?


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