Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Mirror Dinghy for sale in Cape Town

Update, with the boat having been measured and found to be correct, plus the arrival often ISAF Mirror Dinghy plaques, we have now sold this first boat.

Orders for other builds and or kits possible.

After building the CNC kit, a world first by the way, the boat then had to be measured, I am pleased to say
that the build measured in every way.

We can now apply to ISAF for a Plaque and class number and sell this boat on.


Available now and to the first person who places their firm order.

This is the same boat prior to being fitted with the decks, we can supply part built boats or fully rigged to your choice.

Only to order !


From the RSA Mirror people today:

Attached please find the measurement certificate for the kit supplied by CKD Boats – everything measures.

We request that CKD Boats be accredited as a Kit Manufacturer of the Mirror Dinghy. Attached is a letter from the International Mirror Class of South Africa (IMCASA) supporting the application.

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