Tuesday 18 February 2014

Hillman Imp, Singer Chamois or Sunbeam Sport front disc brake kits

We have done these for some years now, the kits are imported and well worth the wait, they fit and they work.

Click on the picture for a larger image.

This set is a little different, in this case the customer asked that we fit the standard 12" steel rims and 80 series tyres, so the Ford KA 240mm diameter brake disc needed 20mm taking off it.

The disc also needs the center opening out, plus the 4" PCD wheel stud holes have to be drilled.

Each kit includes a special stainless outer braid fluid line as made by Goodridge.net, one end is Imperial threaded to fit the Imps existing brake fittings, while the other end is Metric to fit the Ford Fiesta brake caliper thread.

(the stub axle is an old one)

Nice work!

I have them fitted to my own 1967 Singer Chamois with a part Sport engine but with the full size brake disc and 13" steel rims with Fiat Uno size tyres, the set up with the addition of Monte Carlo road springs makes for a sporting but comfortable daily driver.