Monday, 17 February 2014

Dave starts his Argie 10 building

On Tuesday last week we sent the Argie 10 kit by road to his address about 1000 miles away to the North East, by Friday it had arrived, nice service from our couriers!

Two of the family check out  the contents of the carton we shipped.
That epoxy, fumed silica, micro balloons, glass tapes and a book on International paints.

The CNC cut sheets of 6mm okoume marine ply were shipped between two sheets of 9mm pine ply for safety, we then steel band strap the pack for a secure package.

Davids son in front of one of the three 6mm sheets of okoume marine plywood that will soon be made into a boat.

Davids daughter inspects all the CNC shaped panels when David had them cut from the three sheets of 6mm plywood.

Watch this site for the rest! 

My thanks to David for the picktures.