Friday 21 February 2014

Caltex Extended Life Coolant 50/50 mix

That is what will be put into the 1967 Singer Chamois (hillman imp) all alloy motors cooling system this weekend.

I bought the 5ltr pack some months back but as the Imp needs 6.5 ltrs of coolant if it has a heater fitted,I have not been able to change the coolant over as I was then 1.5ltrs short.

The back of the pack clearly says DO NOT MIX WITH WATER.

Ok, so now what, buy another 5ltrs as I am told you can not get a 1 ltr pack in South Africa?
At about R270 a pack thats more than it makes sense to leave the rest on the shelf, you see this coolant is good for 200,000 kilometers or five years!

Checking the web Isee that Caltex au (Australia) clearly tell you to mix with water, so I phoned Caltex za and spoke to Barend.

Yes I can dilute but with Distilled Water, I would have done this anyway.

Barend was cautious about the lower freezing protection, as the protection will cover down to minus 40c.
Hout Bay in South Africa rarely sees plus 4c, so in my case we are still on the safe side.

Another and very IMPortant plus side is that with the Caltex Extended Life Coolant, the boiling point will rise by as much as 8c, now thats worth having!