Tuesday, 28 January 2014

SA Mirror Dinghy kit supply news

We have the required Mirror Dinghy cut files and are sorting out the panel layouts to give the maximum return on the five sheets of okoume marine plywoods required for this design.

The plan is to optimise the use of the plywoods use and save on materials used on each boat we sell, this way we can offer you a Mirror Dinghy kit at the lowest possible price. We will also offer single hull panels to repair older boats as well as rudder and foils.

Designed in 1962 by Jack Holt and Barry Bucknell,  a well known publication named Pleasure Boating, 1977 and published by Mitchell Beazley Limited, London has a very (very) detailed building sequence starting on page 65 and on to page 69. We will use this as part of our own building routine for the first kit we produce and build.



There has always been an element of ' do it yourself" about pleasure boating even if in past days, it was only about touching up the varnish a bit. Until recent years ,however, only a skilled amature craftsman could contemplate building his own boat.


Our CNC cut kit will of course make that a thing of the past, all you have to do is prepare the panels we supply you and wire them together, the next stage being glass tapes and epoxy (supplied) and your Mirror hull is well on the way to the next stage.

A provisional kit cost has been calculated, please contact me for details.

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