Thursday 5 December 2013

Machining front discs brakes to suit the Hillman Imp

The kits we bring in have been a regular item and from the same supplier in the UK.

We use local Ford calipers and purchase new imported discs and brake pads.

The caliper has been refurbished by a specialist company, the new brake disc will be bored to take the Imps 4" PCD stud centers. In this case the 239mm diameter Ford KA disc is too large for the Imps standard 12"steel rim, we need to have the disc cut down to a diameter of 220mm only.

This brake needs no servo, the change to a 0.070" brake cylinder is recommended but the original 0.065 cylinder on the standard Imp works quite well, the client will be given the option, which will cost around GBP50 so about R800 or so.

Working with new off the shelf parts is such a pleasure!

He has already supplied the silicone brake fluid he wants, a good idea on any classic car, there will be no degrade in the fluid as the years goes by.

How easy is that.