Sunday, 10 November 2013

New 998cc Hillman Imp news

Well, its news to me and does tie up a whole load of questions and tells us about what we have here.

The South African registration papers give the cars VIN number as one that starts with the letter R , this was taken from the UK registration V5 form that came with the car. The Imp Club say that this
is wrong and the number needs to start with the letters LH, how can this be and who is right?

Note the Chrysler badge. Cars before 1967 had a much larger alloy plate and fitted in the engine bay on the left hand side looking from the rear.

 The car is now straight up for ease of access, all parts are now removed and the next job soon will be the cars black underseal repainting.

Seems the Imp Club are correct as the cars missing VIN plate was found yesterday and the engine/chassis number starts with the letters LH!

The ARCC is now making me a heritage document for the car, with that I may be able to get the licence transfer to my name more easily?  The cars original engine block is now known, its the 998cc engine I have had in rebuild for some while.

How easy was that?

The VIN plate also has other information, E 145/701 the 145 means Electric Metallic Blue and the 701 means black interior, this we had worked out but its nice to have the proof.

ARCC stands for Association of Rootes Car Clubs by the way.

Note, if you own one of the many versions of Rootes made cars you can apply for a heritage document for that car also.