Friday, 15 November 2013

CCOTY display setting up

News from Terence Tracey yesterday by phone was that the Jolon Imp was judged to be  given the award for 5th place.

Thinking positively this still got the Imp onto the center stage and in the Go Imp 50 year, what a wonderful acheivement!  Well done toall those involved and a special pat on the back for Geoff and Terence who drove through the Hell Road to Coventry.

This was at the NEC in Birmingham yesterday (friday 15th november 2013)

The event will be the last car display of the year and for all involved one of the most exciting, this time there is a prize, to be named Classic Car of the Year!

I suspect that only one of the five cars on display managed to drive through nineteen countries across three continents, do 14,000 kilometres and in 29 days to be considered to be worthy of making the stand for the last five to be chosen?

The Imp is a winner either way, it made the Go Imp 50 event with just six hours left on the clock, this is just a bonus!

TT wrote on his blog yesterday:

While the Imp Club Chairman Graham Anderson and James Spencer were traversing England with my JoLon Imp on a trailer taking it to form part of the Classic Car Of The Year stand where on Saturday it will be handed its FINAL JUDGEMENT

The award will be announced at 10.30am on Saturday, so for those in South Africa 12.30pm our time. The results be be posted very soon after and on this blog.

The JoLon Imp is now for sale by the way.