Monday 4 February 2013

Churchill special tool RG355 for Imp head bolts

The recent rebuild of a very early Mk1 Hillman Imp engine, number 1572 of around 440,000 made, calls for the cylinder head gasket to re tightened after a suitable time of running to full temprature.

The engine is on a bench, connected to an Imp cooling fan and radiator, plus dynamo, Lucas regulator and a 12v battery.

This does save a lot of time! without it we have to remove both the overhead camshaft and its all alloy carrier, thats plus the tappet buckets of course.

The 9/16th bolts you can see are easy to tighten, those under that camsahft carrier can not even be seen!

The Repco tourque wrench is a joy to use, it has a needle which clicks as it pops out of its spring loaded holder.

Part number 7010141, there was an earlier Mk1 Imp camshaft, number 7100000, can I find one in my spares stock I wonder?

Things are looking good inside this engine, the Shell HX5 oil, a modern 15W40 grade oil and Gud G223 oil filter is keeping things nice and clean.This oil probably needs to be changed to an older specification oil that has more parts per million and suits the bearings specification of older engines better.

This engine is number B41 / 1 /501572 and is now fifty (50) years old! check in for the news of the Go Imp 50 1963/2013 plans.