Saturday, 9 February 2013

Building Brer Terrapin, pictures of pictures

More here from Ruth, at this time she has used a digital camera to take a picture of a photograph in her album, so definition will be lost.

The boat is an Ingrid 38 by Wm Atkin.

The builder was Pip Smith, his brother Mike and their father, it was a seven year project, not including the masts. They may have been made by others, I remember the sails on board were made by Lee in Hong Kong.

Planking up, there were also wide brass bands under the planks, the bands or straps were to stop hull twist.

The hull is planked, think in mahogany, what a huge undertaking!

This was about 1966, so some forty seven years ago, South African sailing heritage.
The last we heard was a new owner was to sail the boat from the USA to Ireland, does anyone know where the boat is now?