Friday, 8 February 2013

Brer Terrapin, the beginning

This boat was the beginning of many things to many people, in my case it was the beginning of a sailing tradition which has stayed with me from 1976 to this day. I crossed the South Atlantic on this boat, Cape Town, South Africa to Salvador, Bahia, Brasil. By my calculations this was her fifth South Atlantic crossing, with two each way having been made that far.

The various blog entries I have done on the yacht Brer Terrapin have been found by the builders wife and brother.

There are many other entries on Brer Terrapin, search them out if you can.

Pictures are old but quite usable when the time period is known.

A picture supplied by Ruth Smith.

This is Brer Terrapin, an Ingrid 38 designed by Atkin and built over a seven year period by Pip Smith, his brother Mike and their dad.

More on this exciting find when the story is given to me. check on the web, Brer Terrapin is an Ingrid 38 and can be found here

This is one heck of a boat to build, its great that we now have CNC kits!