Thursday, 25 October 2012

Stainless steel deck fittings, made in South Africa and shipped world wide.

We have done this for some while, we have some specialist metal machine shops here and have been able to offer their products as an extra to the actual CNC kit.

This is a Cape Henry 21 deck kit when bubble wrapped.

And here is most of the same package and when its unpacked in Seattle, USA.
We sent the steel drop keel as well.


Mast Hounds and plates

Made from the drawings that Dix Design supply with each plans set he sells.

The drop keel drum that takes the lift wire, CNC cut out with ultra high pressure water!

We can and do ship world wide, other designs are possible as long as you can supply the drawings. We can confirm an order for a Cape Cutter 19 kit which is similar, has just come in and from Sweden. A new country for us and making it our export country number 33 now.

Mail from Fred to Dudley Dix, the boats designer.

Greetings Dudley:

Attached, four photos displaying the fine quality of the SS Fittings which Roy arranged for my Cape Henry 21. I am very pleased, to say the least!  


Mail in today from Alex in the UK:

 That SS work is beautiful if one can say that about a lump of metal, you have some world class metal shops there mate.