Friday, 26 October 2012

Kamers 2012 in Somerset West

The full name on the entry ticket (R50) says Kamers Vol Geskenke Boland.
What that means you will have to ask when you get there!

The show closes Saturday 27th October, so tommorrow, so get out there if you do not want to miss it!
Now closed, see you next year I hope.

What a great event, lots of parking and space in the show ground itself.

Note, there are no signs from the main freeway at all, well just one, R20,000 was spent
on posters but they were all stolen!


From Cape Town and on the national road and heading towards Sir Lowrys Pass, turn left at the main traffic lights and go up to Somerset West town, at the T junction turn right, beware the way the roads are laid out! at the forth set of traffic lights and with Checkers supermarket on the left hand corner turn left ( Pic N Pay are to the right) travel up and find a small circle with a filling station, turn right and continue past the Erinvale golf course, you will then enter the  Van Loveren wine estate, stay left and follow the road. You can see the parking area from there.  Recomended!

Its a creative event, much of whats on display and sale being hand made.

This caravan looks purpose made for shows, great idea too.

This was the main reason we took the morning off, Janet , who is on the right, has her own stand there this year,her brand name is Bokke & Blomme.

Bokke & Blomme were really busy but so were most of the other stands, worth a visit!