Tuesday 23 October 2012

A Hillman Imp racing at Kyalami

The year was 1966 when Bob Kelsey raced at Kyalami in his 998cc factory spec, Hillman Imp, have any others raced there since? Terence Tracey  has raced his car at Zwartzkop, so did Gavin doc Ritchie, did they race here too? ( I spoke to Terence, yes they both did)

Thats Terences Imp on the right with the green roof, later on he loaned the car to a Kyalami specialsit who did the lap a whole 9 seconds faster than Terence!

The Imp is on the left, a series of pictures I took of the event on DSTV prooves that the other cars were not so much faster (red Ford Prefect) the cars race against the clock and not in a cubic capacity class.

Gavins car was sold to the owner of Zwartskop race circuit and the driver of Terences car had such a great day out a Kyalami that he has now bought a spare car of Terence and will build his own car now for the next season, yes, three racing Hillman Imps in South Africa!

You can see the Ford (anglia?) is now in front but not by much after quite a distance.
the Imps engine is 875cc with plus 30 thou pistons, the Ford will be at least a 1500cc motor?
Terence tells me the Ford Prefect has a 1740cc motor in it and in a later race with a Kyalami specialist driver in the Imp blitzed the Ford and also an Alfa that was there too!