Sunday, 14 October 2012

NSRI station 8 takes control in a real disaster situation

I think I picked up on this just after it happened, the boats VHF was as normal switched on and to channel 16, the radio was very busy from just after 2pm when the charter boat that works from Hout Bay Harbour was overturned. It is not known how or why but they were very close in according to one boat on the scene a little while later. file picture from many thanks.

This was a mail I sent to a friend in the UK about the disaster.

Hello Notty,

It was the HBYC opening cruise yesterday, as they started and in a brisk SE (I was putting head liners back) the capsize of a small charter boat happened.

I had heard Cape Town  Radio say “who called Mayday” I never heard the reply, the NSRI station 8 were fantastic and soon had three boats and at least two others on the scene.
Later a passing fishing boat picked up and empty life raft, the one guy who had been in it had been taken off by NSRI.

The accident happened just before the cut where the Boss 400 crane wreck is, later the upturned floating wreck was drifting towards the rock named De Perd, then  into Maori Bay and with two NSRI boats standing by ( one with a line to the upturned wreck)  as a team of divers were heading for them. Later the Navy and SAPs took divers and floats out, as I left the harbour at 5pm, one female had been rescued from the wreck, she was underneath, two others were still inside? Imagine the cold.

It’s a fact that this boat does the same trip on a regular basis, the weather yesterday was a rising swell and a rising wind, 30 knots at times, the inquiry will be interesting.

Note, the NSRI took control of the harbour, plus the road and traffic on the road outside, it was a remarkable possible crowd control, police, medics and helicopters on the scene, I doubt anyone will better station 8 NSRI?


A news report by Malungelo Booi (many thanks)

HOUT BAY - The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) on Saturday confirmed that an adult man drowned in a boat accident in Cape Town’s Hout Bay suburb.

The accident happened when a charter boat capsized on Duiker Island earlier today.
Rescue workers recovered a second person from the water, but would not confirm whether they were dead or alive.
The unknown person was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

Police divers were still at the scene at 7pm, searching for two passengers that went missing.
Emergency personnel managed to rescue 31 more people from the troubled boat.
There were also unconfirmed reports that children were on board the Marashka boat.
Officials could not confirm exactly what caused the boat, believed to have been carrying tourists, to capsize.
The nationalities of the victims have yet to be revealed, but police said the French embassy had been in contact with them to ask about a French citizen.