Thursday, 18 October 2012

A Cape Henry 21 kit arrives in Seattle,USA.

Fred has just received his Cape Henry 21 kit, I have asked that he inspects the crate and carton for any damage prior to opening them, we place marine insurance on all such kits and while we have yet to make a claim we need to have proof of the condition of the order on arrival. I asked Fred to take some pictures for me.

The delivery truck, fully enclosed, note the tail gate can be lowered.

Thanks Roy:  Will do!  A very strong box you made.  I had to use tractor bucket this morning to 'cut across'/ widen drive turns in two places ahead of truck arrival.  A scramble!  Finished just in time.  28' van with lift gate.  Shouldn't be a problem trailering the CH in and out, me thinks.


Fred using a front end lifter to move his main crate, there is 36 sheets of plys in it,most CNC cut to make his new boat with, plus the drop keel, which we packed on top of the plys.

The carton with Freds 316 stainless steel fittings in, the strapping we did pulled the corners down, it has not been damaged at all.

As packed in South Africa.

The parcel being collected by one of our couriers.
More pictures to follow when Fred opens this carton and his crate!