Wednesday 17 October 2012

Lucas CAV diesel filter mistake?

I had a phone call today from a blog viewer of mine asking if what he saw in my earlier blog about the correct direction of the CAV fuel filter was correct?

I have today taken some new pictures but the facts are still the same.

You can come to your own conclusions about this one but a supplier of another well known filter brand told me about this error on the CAV filter casting.

As you may expect, the diesel fuel comes in via the Delphi filter then through the electric pump, this protects the pumps internals (found in a trash can)

Click on the picture and check the direction of the arrows, you will see that the right hand pipe, which is the fuel tank supply, enters against the direction of the arrow and the feed to the day tank is also against the direction of the arrow but why?

To work properly the diesel fuel must first enter the lower glass bowl, there any water or dirt should settle and only the clean and filtered diesel fuel will exit the top of the filter and into the day tank or the engine.

If the filter housing was connected as per the arrow, the water may pass down the filter paper but the crap will remain on the top of the filter and where you can not see it at all, thats a very small space I may add!

Check yours out if you do not believe me.

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