Monday, 8 October 2012

Halloween, Pim Penso's old boat

Pim Penso was one of the last South African sailors to sail on a square rigger and do the Cape Horn run, one of his crew mates was the late Phil Nankin, who I had the great pleasure to know very well.
The ship they sailed was the Lawhill, taken as a prize in WW2 when it was docked in PE ( i think)
Pim Penso later became the commodore of the RCYC and was a well respected member.

Picture by R McBride and taken with a Canon FT film camera.

Halloween, an Arthur Rob design that was built here in Cape Town, this picture was taken at Grainger Bay and when the two Stremple brothers were busy doing a major restoration. They had bought the yacht from Pims wife after his death. It was from her we obtained a copy of Pims black and white video tape taken off a cine film Pim took high up in the rigging of Lawhill sailing down Cape Horn way.

Where is my copy now I wonder, its on a VHS format and was to be released with music and for sale?

Halloween was later gaff rigged and sailed to the West Indies, then on to Spain where she was then sold.