Wednesday 29 August 2012

Will a real boat builder please stand up?

Thats if we can find one these days! I guess its all about the ebb and flow of orders and keeping the factory doors open, plus as far as the word REAL is concerned, just how many genuine boat builders in South Africa can we find?

Here is a genuine boat builder, its Peter Randle on Nandi, a Didi 34 that was owner built from one of our kits.

This is one real boat builder and as we can see he is standing up!

I have asked Peter to do a costing on building one of our Proteus 106 kits, this will be a good time to ask him as he is doing the finishing touches to one of our Cape Henry 21 kits right now, Peter tells me it will be launched and moored at Hout Bay.

This boat was built from plans and has the optional longer transoms which cover the rudders.

When we have prices from Peter we can offer our kit as a Hull Deck and Bulkhead completed unit, right up to a sailaway package and ex Cape Town.

In Thailand and launched with a used set of spars and sails, the owner is still really happy with the boats performance.

Owner, Rick with his boat, at 35 feet this boat is made to cross oceans as a cruising boat.

The interior consists of four berths (two doubles + 2 singles), a saloon settee, a practical galley with icebox, and a toilet compartment, all with standing headroom . She is totally functional, and all that is needed for comfort at sea. She is configured with two machinery and keel variations: A 4 stroke 20HP outboard on a hinging nacelle is fitted for economy, as is tiller steering, with "kick up" rudders. If the motor starts to make trouble it is easily replaced. I haven't worked out how many times you can relace it to equal the cost of diesels. However saildrive "single cylinder baby diesels" can be fitted, as can fixed mini keels. Other "choices" in the "gilded lily" approach stretch to installed toilet & holding tank versus chemical / fitted bucket , installed water tank versus fitted 20 lit container storage. However with the outboard and daggerboard combination, and simplest accommodation gear, we have the fastest boat AND the shallowest draught for the smallest outlay. People lose sight of the fact that comfort at sea revolves round some very simple "basics", a dry bunk with good ventilation, a place to prepare hot food, a place to sit out of the sun & elements, a private toilet, standing headroom. The rest is "bells & whistles" which all come at a price of increased cost, maintanance, and degrading performance.
The rig is the simplest possible, with a pair of cap shrouds and headstay triangulated, single diamond. The sail inventory is essentially a mainsail, a roller furler jib, and a storm jib. Optional: Genneker.

LENGTH OVERALL 10.600 Meters
BEAM 6.360 Meters
DRAUGHT 0.370/1.75 Meters (dagger up/dwn)
DISPLACEMENT 2800 Kilograms (light)
MAINSAIL 48 Sq Meters
GENNEKER 58 Sq Meters
FRESH WATER 140 liters (installed or 20 lit containers)