Friday, 31 August 2012

Bayfront Center for Maritime Studies Builds a Didi Mini Transat kit from CKD Boats.

Hello All-

Attached are a few more photos from the Erie build...I want to thank you
Jeff for the excellent page on the MINI Class US website and to you Roy for
everything on your end.

The first picture is our McDowell High School class which comes every Friday
(as long as I buy doughnuts!)

These are a couple of the McDowell students looking over the plans and
learning how to use a scale.

The last two picutre are kids from the ABRAXAS Learning Center who work very
hard and are lining and leveling the stem. We have installed the backbone and are starting on tangents and stringers.

Thanks again!

Jim Stewart
Executive Director
Bayfront Center for Maritime Studies
7 East Dobbins Landing
Erie, PA 16507