Monday, 27 August 2012

A stern tube inner fitting for a 32mm propellor shaft

This bronze stern tube fitting has a new rubber bearing fitted, it will take a 32mm shaft as it is but the fitting can also be down sized to take a 30mm shaft size as well, you would need to press the existing bearing out to do this ( remove the small stainless steel grub screw first) . The short piece of bearing in the brass pipe is the offcut from the new 32mm rubber bearing, which would be handy as a sample when you next want to fit a new bearing.

The packing in the fitting looks good still, the spare packing was sold this morning, its a 3/8" size and a half meter in length. This type of stern tube screws into a 45mm tube which then carries water along the shaft and to the Cutlass bearing at the propellor end of the shaft. The flow of water comes from the raw water cooling side of the engine, which then passes to the tube hole fitting and then out of the back of the stern tube.