Thursday 23 August 2012

Henry has an ID tag ring

As Henry grew up we found it ever harder and more difficult to know who was who in our garden, it even got so bad that other pigeons would fly into the house and also the garage, just as Henry was free to do.

Henry in the garage sporting his white leg band, it seemed not to bother him and was a loose fit. Henry eventually flew off one morning and we never saw him again.

By now Henry was around six months old and a big lad, keep an eye open for him and that white leg ring on his right leg!

While our Henry was totally tame, we soon found that a smaller wild female bird would enter the house after Henry, she still does and we can be working in the garden, she will land right next to you. When hungry she will come right up to the kitchen window, so in some respects we still have a tame pigeon. Of course we have named her Henrietta!