Monday, 9 April 2012

Scenic Hout Bay

We are often told we live in paradise, well as far as the vistas are concerned thats true for sure. Lets take the trip along Chapmans Peak Drive, the pictures show you what to expect.

The view looking down at Long Beach and over to the village of Kommetjie.

Yes it really is this nice!

The flowers just happened to be there.

You will normally see a shark flag posted near here for the swimmers and surfers, please stay out of the water if the flag is black with a white outline of a shark.

Hout Bay and from the Chapmans Peak Drive, we are supposed to work in this place!

How hard can that be?


Note, all pictures are by Roy McBride, the camera was a Canon G11 set to auto, Jean was driving at the time,so all pics, were taken while on the move.