Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunbeam Sport oil cooler mounting bracket templates

January 23rd 2014:

We are now about to start re making these Items, having used the templates supplied by the Imp Club
and cut a pair out by hand, I know they will fit, not like some we Imported some time back.


This is one of those oddball items that we need when using the Sport type two row tube oil cooler,known as the Wire Brush cooler.

The mounts are the side plates on both ends of the cooler.

Left hand end.

Right hand end,note,these are from a vendor,this bracket had to be re bent to allow it to fit,so beware your buying the correct item.

 Templates made from a drawing supplied by Bob at the Imp Club spares department,I needed to know where they the correct shape? some welding will be required to fasten the captive nuts under the plates.

The drawing is (i think) available only to Imp Club members and from Bob Allan,the Spares man,find him at introduce yourself and have your membership card handy.

Hi Roy

Great templates. Would be a good idea to have as a downloadable PDF on the website perhaps as many people fit oil coolers to their non-Sport Imps and the original brackets are getting very hard to find now.

Kind regards
Grahame Pearson
Editor, Impressions

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