Saturday, 2 July 2011

Talking sawdust with Div De Villiers

Its nice when a customer is a friend,many end up that way of course,many just sail off and are just gone.

Div is one of those who did just that he hand built his own steel boat,fitted it out to a very high standard but not like some french gin palace,more like a country cottage,it looked great!

Div contacted me a while ago for some of our epoxy,this is what he made with it.

Div can make you special furniture as well,all one offs,he uses no drawings as far as I have seen on his web site,he can do copies but each piece will be slightly different,thats nice.


Div has a website,check it out below and contact him via that direct.

Howzit Sawdust makers!

There is a new blog on :


However good your table saw is, the cut will only be as good as the blade fitted. Let’s look at important points and how to choose the right one for the job.

In a previous blog I talked a little about the versatility of the table saw and how to operate it safely. To realize its full potential the right blade must be fitted. Condition of the blade is also important. Blunt, chipped or missing teeth, a warped plate and resin build up will drastically reduce the accuracy and .....

Read the complete article at

Feel free to add your comments and suggestions! Talking of which, any suggestions for future blogs will be most welcome!

Yours in sawdust


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