Tuesday, 28 June 2011

KD 860 by Bernd Kohler

Yes,we are still doing the boat kits and this really smart 3D picture was supplied by Andrea who is building a KD860 with materials we supplied.

Left click for a larger image.

We do the CNC cut work on the bulkheads you can see the outlines of,plus supply the materials as specified by KD who did the design.

Andreas KD860 in real life,he has chosen to build the boat upside down,there are benifits doing it this way but building it the right way up saves the task of turning the hull later and you can walk inside your boat from quite an early stage.

Note,this KD860 has been stretched to 32 feet,thats around 10.6 meters,find out more @ http://www.industrialdesignandmarine.com/wboats.php

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