Tuesday, 28 June 2011

1968 Morris Mini 1000

Hiding in a garage is another engine,this one is not diesel but petrol driven and it has a Morris Mini car with it.

This barn find is a 1968 Morris Mini 1000,it has none standard wind up windows and vent lights,not normal on a car of that year I seem to think.More pictures will be posted when they are available,so keep checking this page.Thought not to be a South African assembled car,they had wind up windows in Australia before the UK,was it made down there?

The car really was taken apart,the entire undertray looks to have been repainted,the sub frames removed and the same with those,so I think we have an early rust free early Morris Mini 1000 here.

Front sub frame and steering rack,none disc brakes on this model.

A nice clean engine bay,I will find out what the state of the engine is?

With such a strip down and a full respray,this car should find a genuine collector who can also drive his or her car daily.

The car was restored about 15 years back,then parked and has been little unused since,I may find a buyer,who knows? I can bring the car back up to a high standard given the suitable buyer with the suitable funds.Remember this is the genuine thing,its not been chopped or made into some dream mini by a previous owner,we just need to change its none standard dash board and go back to the original type.

Shipping world wide,with a special low price to the UK when our competition Hillman Imp is sent there,as they will fit in the same container.


Cape Town

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