Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Rootes car company used Shell Oils

I would not say my transaxle and Shell Oils blog created a big stir but mail did happen because of it.

Being a very long while back since Rootes Car Company released the first Hillman Imp,it was in May 1963 and in Scotland,some minor facts may have been forgotton or lost as time went by.

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A new drivers hand book for the 1967 Singer Chamois,why new? the Hillman Imp Club were offered them back in 1997,I bought four,types to match the cars we had at the time.

The makers identity plate,each car had one of these in the top left hand side of the engine bay,it was fastened on with 1/8" alloy rivits. This ID says HSO meaning the car was a Home Saloon,so built for the UK market and was not an export model.

Page seven,the makers plate saying to only use Shell Oils products,which I believe was a first for any car company or oil company to agree on.

Whats hidden in your garage?

The makers plate advised the use of Shells single grade X-100 30 or the newer grade in X-100 20W/40 when I rebuilt our 1967 Singer Chamois and engine some 17 years back,thats 1974,Shell petrol stations still sold the correct oils for my car and I have used their oils when ever I can since.

Note,this grade no longer exists as far as I know?

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