Thursday, 16 June 2011

Hillman Imp cylinder head bolt lubrication

The Rootes factory workshop manual number 141,section B (engine) page 27 tells us to only use (MUST) use Shell Ensis 256 oil when refitting the bolts.There is no explanation why and its taken a few years to find out and when I do the Ensis range is now off the market!

The Ensis range was a large one,based on anti corrosion,the Ensis V type was available some years back when I bought this spray can lot.

Shells Ensis 256 is an anti corrosion fluid,we have just the product to replace it with Fluid Film.

Left click to read the words.

Justin,a now retired member of Shell SA, has just found out for me that this has now been discontinued,we may find new old stock at retailers of course,or as a perfect back up we can use Fluid Film,which we now have in US Gallon packs and can easily refill your trigger packs,or send you smaller amounts in suitable plastic containers.We can post world wide should you need some.

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