Thursday, 16 June 2011

Bravo another SA public holiday?

Somehow I just can not get my brain around why a developing country like South Africa needs so many public holidays? my callender says there are 13 of them but thats not the full truth,as when a holiday is close to a weekend,such as todays Youth Day,many take the next day off to make it a long weekend?

We should have the drive gear set made up for our Toylander by next week,this week being written off due to another holiday.

Why should I care? well the two sets of wheels and tyres boxed yesterday for Mark in Joburg and ready to be collected right now,probably will not be collected untill monday now?

A Hillman Imp front stub axle,now none standard as I have installed longer wheel studs,ex a Ford Escort I was told,they are not a direct fit,we need to turn them down to make a tight fit in the cast Iorn wheel hub.The white plastic thing is the drive hook to the speedo cable,this being the passenger side of the car.

To compound the lack of collection,there is a parcel,two in fact that needs delivery so I can complete the assembly of the Hillman Imps new front disc brake set.I know they arrived,as the courier phoned for our Vat and Import details but they will not be delivered today,friday maybe?

Just how much work is lost nation wide by all these holidays,I wonder!


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