Friday, 24 June 2011

The Road in Ausi and what they say about Vespermarines Watchmate AIS

AIS WatchMate 850 - Display with built in AIS Transponder
Availability: In stock ( New Zealand)
$1,099.00 USD

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From: Shirley Bowen []

Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2011 2:13 AM

To: Roy McBride

Subject: The ROAD calling 22nd June 11

Hi to you both,

Hot off the press, we (one hour ago) dropped anchor in Fannie Bay Darwin, in what I fervently hope and trust will be our last anchorage in Australia. But more of that in my next news letter.

Shirley has asked me to tell you that now that the Church has sanctioned same sex (I refuse to use the "gay" word) marraiges, she is eagerly awaiting a simular dispensation for mixed marraiges between humans and machines, as she has fallen in love with the Vesper Marine AIS.

During our trip north, especially in the restricted waterways of the barrier Reef, it proved to be a godsend.

Well that's about that for now, having sailed for 10 days straight, and last night with no sleep, it is obviously time for a few beers.
Love to you both, will write in more detail soon.
Taffy, Shirley. and of course Rubbish

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