Monday, 20 June 2011

Fathers Day for Roy

Some great news,

We left a window part open in case Henry got hungry or needed some inside comforts,early this morning there he was back home where he belongs.So Henry knows his way home it seems!

Where is Henry?

Henry has left us,he was at my feet in the morning while I did my plummers act trying to fix the main bathroom loo cistern,he likes to do what ever we are doing.After lunch I went to the boat to continue my electrical endevours down there,later on Jean came down with Druma,when she came home she went to clean the pool,she was moving the long handled brush thing ,Henry had walked around with her and Druma,she thinks he got spooked by the broom and took off.

Left click the image to see Henry in a larger size.
Two days back he flew to the roof next door,there were others his size there too and it was quite hard to know who was Henry,he came down when we shook his seed box though.As he is brilliant at mimicking what others do and if he is accepted by the other birds he should look for food as they do,he will have been cold last night though,it was down to 10c and his first night out of what we now call Henrys room.

So much for my Fathers Day!


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