Friday, 24 June 2011

June 21st 2011,Winter Solstice in the Cape

For us Winter Solstice was yesterday.

We needed a new 5mtr long top zip fitting on a boats main sail cover,Anna supplied the zip and sewed in new side panels some months back but when to fit it was the issue,its always (it seems) blowing down here.

I checked yesterdays weather report,seemed to be a perfect day and so it was,no wind to speak of,the main
needed to go up and down a number of times,checking reef lines and lazy lack lengths etc,we even had time to have a cuppa at lunch time with Athol of the yacht Perrazim.The main stayed up all the time,not a great day for sailing but really good for what was to be done.

Note the clouds in the sky,for sure a sign of a change in the weather to follow,it was just blue skies early on,left click the picture for a better view.

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