Friday, 6 May 2011

Henry gets ahead

Thats  no ordinary head either,its a Sunbeam Sport Wills Ringed and ported alloy cylinder head,due to be fitted to a 998cc Hillman Imp block.

We are finding out that at around 12 weeks old,Henry or pidgeon likes company,he will follow Jean about the garden as she does her work and when I am in the garage,fly in and check out what I am doing in the same way.

Not exactly a great idea when your fitting a brand new camshaft carrier (thanks Bob) which I sourced while back in the UK a while ago,the camshaft and followers were brand new already,so things are good in this department,Henry agrees.

The Hillman Imp cylinder head was just way ahead of the field on a small family car when it came out in May 1963,its easy to work on and when the shims are set up correctly,stays set for a very long while,no push rods to clatter about either.

Henry says,Ok Roy you can re fit the R20 race camshaft now?

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