Friday, 24 December 2010

Our traveling customers on yacht Merlin are in Brisbane,Australia.

Some,in fact many, of our customers for various materials sail away,not good business but thats the way it is! We supplied bending and light plys,plus veneers for this families 40ft catamaran,they sailed from the HBYC marina three years back,just look where they are now.

We got a mid atlantic call from them on the passage to St  Helena island,Greg was asking what of the many cans of lubricant sprays on board, he should use to stop both rudder stocks squeeking,it was driving them mad he said.I suggested the Fluid Film we supplied,that was the only spray thin enough to penertrate but thick enough to stay put,it worked too.

Joyeux Noel de la part de tout l’equipage.

Ciel nuageux a Brisbane mais cela ne devrait pas empecher un certain bonhomme d’arriver ce soir.

Bien a vous,

Happy Christmas from Merlin’s crew.

Cloudy sky over Brisbane but that shouldn’t be a problem tonight for Father Christmas.
Love to all,

Emmanuelle, Greg, Victor, Felix & Clea

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