Sunday, 19 December 2010

Bulwarks make for a safer foredeck

Note that Martin has fastened through the scarph joint,adding strength.The reinforced tape can now be removed,the scarph joint is 250mm long.

This Iroko bulwark needed to be 6.1 meters long,using two shorter lengths we scarfed,glued with resorcenol resin glue and left it clamped a few days,delivered yesterday morning it was bolted in place by the boats owner  the same day.

Safety comes in many ways,adding this bulwalk plank on a steel Roberts 53 makes good sense,as your always sure of a place to rest your foot in rough weather,it will also stop some items slipping overboard.

The scarph joint in progress,Iroko makes a good choice for this,African Mahogany and Clear Oregon Pine also.

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