Sunday, 19 December 2010

Irwin 54 yacht new rudder building

We never know when such jobs may come our way,this one did due,I think,from crevice corrosion in the plates holding the lower rudder pintal bush? A new rudder is now in process,it will be made to the same shape and profile as the GRP one,but made much stronger in laminated ply/epoxy. A new 316 stainless shaft fabrication,installation of a new removable lower stainless shoe and Vesconite bearing,plus we will install a Vesconite center bearing where the shaft goes through the hull,none being fitted by the factory,that we can see?

The design as fitted has only a lower bearing bush which is held in place with a 50mm x 12mm stainless steel strap,the strap is through bolted to the boats skeg with three bolts,as two men can only just lift the rudder, we are talking about a lot of weight with this rudder and its all supported with just three bolts.We are beefing the system up with correct stainless webbing straps milled into the new rudder stock,then welded and also extending the stock to enable a clamp fitting on the top of the upper bearing,this can be lightly pre loaded prior to fitting the new lower pintal bearing fitting,it will have a shoe with six bolts to hold it in place.

The old rudder as dropped in the HBBY,note the bend in the shaft!

Now we have the patterns and sizes in our CNC machine we can offer these Irwin 54 rudders to anyone,look at it as an upgrade on the original design.

We will also do a total up grade of the upper bearing support inside the boat,the fabrication that was original had broken free in places and moved some 40mm,these parts are in 15mm ockume marine ply to BS1088 grade,this can be supplied as a CNC cut kit as in small flat pack for those who just want to up grade that side of the rudder installation.We can ship world wide.

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