Thursday, 9 December 2010

Fitting out a Lyle Hess 34 hull the nice way

This work has been done by the boats owner,he professes to be an amature but his quality of workmanship questions his amature status,he has used 15mm ockume marine ply to BS1088 grade that we have supplied.

The blue frame is part of the stairway up from the gound level,the only improovment would be an upper work station deck alongside the boat but the materials still have to be carried up so its swings and roundabouts I suppose.

The quality of this boat goes far past what can be seen normally,each locker has been hand sanded and flo coated inside to a nice smooth surface finish,world class quality for sure.

I had always wanted to fit out my boat this way,with the entire decks and cockpit raised or removed,in this case the decks are lifted high and out of the way with a pair of chain blocks,what a pleasure!

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