Friday, 12 November 2010

Xcaliber Hand bikes from Cape Town

Known as a Low Rider or Recumbent Tricycle,these are made by hand locally,with some of the shipping rates the builder has been quoted coming in at such high rates that export seems unlikly,we have offered to investigate onward sales world wide. Each bike is made to order to suit the rider.Made in a specialist workshop by a disabled rider himself,with twenty years of experiance with these bikes, your buying from a person who understands your needs.

Contact me at for prices and shipping.

The builder,Eugene comments:

Xcaliber Handcycles is a South African based handcycle design and build company. Knowing the needs of disabled athletes from personal experience, we strive to ensure you can still perform at your peak on the sporting front. Handcycles are becoming an everyday part of many people’s lives, in sport and recreation. Our cycles are light, stylish and sleek. We strive to customize each Xcaliber Handcycle for the specific need of the client. And each Xcaliber Handcycle is guaranteed to meet your sporting needs.

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